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12 Greatest Wedding Speeches of All Time

A wedding speech is one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to write. Do it well and strangers will be buying you drinks all night and you’ll have your pick of any available bridesmaids. Get it wrong and you’ll be facing a long night in the car park hoping that one day the bride/groom will forgive you for the jokes about all his exes revealing way too much about the stag weekend (what happened in Vegas really should have stayed there).

If you’re looking for inspiration here are some epic wedding speeches from guys who got it spot on and our selection of some of the greatest wedding speeches of all time. If you need more gags or inspiration you’ll find loads of speech writing tips and jokes here.

You don’t need to talk for hours to deliver a great speech. In fact there’s hardly any talking at all in this best man’s speech that went viral around the world thanks to the brilliant preparation and hilarious video. ‘Best supporting actor’ definitely goes to the farmer.

Best man Matt Gunn uses one simple prop, just some sheets of paper to form the opening of an epic speech. Props when used well are a really good confidence and something to hide behind if you’re worried about nerves getting to you on the big day.

Singer/song writer Daniel Buccheri delivered killer speech with some musical inspiration. A superb way to deliver a speech if you’ve got a great voice… If not you’ll be subjecting the wedding guests to three and a half minutes of musical torture.

You can check out more of Daniel’s music here.

So you can't sing? Well that's no reason to panic, you can always fake it. Groom Ricky McNamara didn't let his lack of vocal talent get in the way, he just borrowed someone else's (we're sure Bublé wouldn't have minded such a great tribute). He even brought in a couple of special guests to totally melt the bride's heart even more.

Having established that you can’t sing but you don’t fancy miming along to Michael Bublé why not try a poem? This best man’s dead pan delivery is brilliant and he wrote a poem to help cut the groom down to size with great effect. A superb idea for any best man wanting to make his wedding speech stand out.

Up until the wedding speeches the groom has spent the day walking around, dressed to kill, having finally married the girl of his dreams... But all the happiness can be bad for a man's health. Thankfully for Chris Bonner his best man stepped in to make sure he was brought down a peg or two with this killer speech.

Of course it does help writing a speech if you just happen to be a stand-up comedian, this is a great example of how to really deliver a killer best man’s speech from Peet Guercio. You can see more of his work on his YouTube channel.

Stefano Mariconda opened his speech with a simple but genius prop by using a book about writing his speech and then took all the guests on a massive road trip to amazing effect. It was a brilliant video that shows you don’t need to be a master film maker, you just need some great jokes and a few totally mad ideas.

YouTube vlogger and top bloke Benn Allsop drew inspiration from the groom’s secret guilty pleasure to out him in front of all his nearest and dearest. Well if you’re going to rip into your best mate you might as well go for his weak spot.

You can see more of Benn’s hilarious rants and ideas here.

This is a killer opening line and the gags are pretty unrelenting right up until the brilliant ending. His dead pan delivery only adds to the effect. Hats off to Aaron for a great job on his speech which has amassed nearly 1,000,000 views on YouTube.

Ok so these guys had a little help from the geniuses at Speed Motion Films but that doesn’t detract from the fact that this is without doubt one of the greatest wedding speech videos ever!

For more information about SMF head to

If we were to go purely on viewing numbers then this would win top spot. It probably helps a little that groom Tom Fletcher happens to be in a platinum selling British rock band but that shouldn’t detract from what is a hilarious and incredibly touching speech that doesn’t leave a dry eye in the house.