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23 Greatest Movie Speeches – "You talking to me?"

Giving a good speech certainly isn’t easy. In fact anyone who’s ever given a wedding speech (or had to sit through a really bad best man’s speech) knows first-hand just how hard it can be. But inspiration can be found at the movies. In fact some of the most compelling speeches and certainly the most quoted were first seen on the big screen.

1. Any Given Sunday – Inch by Inch

When Al Pacino speaks you listen and this is one of his finest monolgues. This speech is not only worthy of a place on this list because of the quality of Pacino’s delivery, there’s also a room full of big name stars hanging on his every word.

2. Dead Poets Society – Conformity

Everyone remembers Robin Williams’ great ‘Carpe Diem’ speech from Dead Poets Society but we prefer to swim against the stream and think that this is actually one of the most stirring and showed glimpses of even more genius to come from a unique talent.

3. The Goonies – This is OUR Time

If you don't consider Goonies to be one of the greatest kids movies of all time you should never be left in charge of any remote control ever again. "This is OUR time" is one kids cry to save everything that transforms this young action movie to a great tear jerker. Oh and then there's 'One Eyed Willie' (snigger!).

4. Braveheart – Freedom!

If you’re heading into battle it would be good to know there’s a horde of angry, hairy-arsed Scotsman behind you, and stirred up by William Wallace’s rousing words they’re about to really kick off. "Freeeeeedoooooom!"

5. James Corden – Smithy – "Yes We Can"

Is this the most motivational speech ever? 'Smithy' tells is how it is and reminds some of Britains sporting legends that "Yes we can". 8 minutes of sporting comedy gold featuring David Beckham, Andy Murray, Manchester United, Jenson Button and more...

6. Gladiator

A kick ass hero going toe to toe with the bad guy and blowing him away with his cool rhetoric. As spine tingling killer lines go this is perhaps as good as it gets. He is Maximus Decimus Meridius and he will have his say, in this movie or the next.

7. Henry V

Perhaps the daddy of all motivational speeches, Shakespeare’s famous words are certainly the bench mark by which all other battle speeches and sporting pep talks are measured and most are found wanting. Delivered by the brilliant Kenneth Branagh these words become simply majestic!

8. Rocky Balboa – It's not how hard you can hit...

From his early days of just being able to mumble "Adrian!" to the watching millions, Rocky goes on to deliver this hard hitting speech to Balboa JR. It makes us want to jump in the ring now (except we don’t actually want to get hit!).

9. Legend of Bagger Valance – Authentic Swing

We’ve played this clip over and over again, we’ve studied every word, learned every utterance and the result… We’re still crap at golf. But we’d still like to believe there is such a thing as an authentic swing, even if we can’t find ours.

10. Scrooged – Christmas Miracle

This everlasting story was given a whole new twist in the masterful comedic hands of Bill Murray. Is it possible to watch this and not want to believe in Santa Claus again? Or at the very least go out and get drunk on Jack Daniels laced egg nog.

11. Team America – Dicks Fuck Assholes

Clearly not the most poetic or inspirational speeches ever given, but it's pseudo attempt to stir the hearts and minds of men with such ridiculous profanity… Come on! Who isn't rooting for Team America at the end of this? (If it doesn't get you, you must be "vewy wonwy").

12. Good Will Hunting – Your Move Chief

Utterly brilliant and made more so by Williams’ understated delivery and the closing three words left hanging. Arguably his finest performance and a real show stealer despite the stellar cast.

13. Independence Day – Common Interest

Over the top? Possibly. But still rousing stuff made even better by the fantastic soundtrack pumping beneath the finely written words. It just makes you want to go out and punch an alien before lighting a cigar sitting on his cockpit (that isn’t a euphemism!).

14. Remember The Titans – Gettysburg

Great movie speeches are often delivered in the run up to a big game, this time is Denzel Washington leading the charge and bringing the troops together while recounting memories of Gettysburg.

15. Austin Powers – Fat Bastard’s Vicious Cycle Speech

A comedy classic that everyone should watch and digest... "Get in ma belly!"

16. Pirate of the Caribbean – Hoist the Colours

Keira Knightly whips this treacherous rabble into a united army with her fine words. Who wouldn’t want to follow her into battle after this? But to be fair we’d follow her pretty much anywhere (if it wasn’t for the court injunction).

17. Selma – Give us the Vote

There’s no hiding when telling recent historical events and this powerful movie with equally strong performances really does deliver and is summed up when David Oyelowo demands the US government to "Give us the vote!"

18. Brassed Off – "Does it bollocks!"

"I thought is mattered... I thought music mattered, does it bollocks!" Despite the Damascene change of standpoint the music really does matter for Pete Postelthwaite’s 1996 turn in this rousing movie that just makes you want to go out an buy a sousaphone.

19. Second Hand Lions – Things Worth Believing In

With Robert Duvall and Michael Caine this movie was never going to be anything other than brilliant and it is an absolute joy. Two grumpy old men who really should know better live in a fantasy world that Duvall sums up in this great speech.

20. 300 – Final Speech

Rousing words from Dilios (David Wenham) in honour of their fallen comrades. But you still can’t help but think "That’s all well and good mate, but where were you lot when Leonidas was getting his ass kicked?"

21. Lord of the Rings – But it is not this day...

If you don’t consider this one of the greatest movie trilogies of all time then please leave the room now. Aragon rallies the troops ready to kick some goblin butt in this thrilling build up to one of the best battle scenes in movie history.

22. Pursuit of Happiness – Go Get It

Will Smith gives some great fatherly advice, and damnit he’s right! You shouldn’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something. Unless they’re telling you that you can’t remake a classic like The Karate Kid. If only he’d been a little clearer with his words.

23. Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator

Timeless genius from an actor who’s gripping acting is so often overlooked because of his great comedic talent. If you’ve never watched this movie you really are missing out, in fact stop reading this and go watch it now!

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