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Party Guests, Paintballs and Floating Paul Gascoigne

So, the stag party is shaping up, you’ve bought all the important kit;

  • A T-shirt for each of the stags with an appropriately bad stag party nickname.
  • Waxing strips for stag forfeits/punishments to keep the guys in line.
  • A hi-viz suit to make sure the groom so he sticks out on the paintball field like the proverbial pork sandwich at a vegetarian buffet.
  • And enough ‘emergency spare beers’ to float Paul Gascoigne.

Troops dressed, drinks sorted, mummy's little soldier soon to receive a complete Dulux makeover... You love it when a plan comes together. But now there is one final question mark; exactly who is coming to this monstrous shindig?

The groom gave you a list of names, many of them you know but there are a few alien names on there that you haven’t met before. The other friends and acquaintances from various other walks of the groom’s life including someone who for no known reason is only referred to as “Soggy Kev”. Yep, its going to be a pretty mixed crowd. And while you might be worrying about them, you should probably take some time to consider exactly what kind of stag are you?

Thanks to the kings of stag party paintball Mayhem Paintball you can now find out;

The Stag Lads

Every stag weekend throws up a mixed bag of nuts. You can’t hope to avoid them all but it’s good to get a feeling for exactly who’s who early on.

The New Dad

Spends his time either yawning or checking his phone for messages and medical emergencies on the home front. He’ll probably calm down after a few drinks.

The Teenager

Actually one of the older stags, he’s compelled to prove that he’s still one of the guys by massively over compensating. Most likely to suggest shaving the groom’s eyebrows. And ditched at the first chance you all get.

Now that you’ve worked out which stag you are, share the link with the rest of the guys and get set for an epic weekend!

Which Guy In The Stag Party Are You?

The Wallet Warden

First on the mini bus, last to the bar, there’s a rumour going around that he did buy a round of drinks once but no one actually saw it happen.

The Legend

Has some bizarre stories about previous sporting glories and how he once one a paintball game single handed. You can be pretty sure he’ll be the first one to get shot. Try not to be on his team.

The Worryier

Prattles on worse than your mum, insists on trying to make sure everyone isn’t taking too far when the worst thing anyone’s suggest is a round of tequilas. The only known cure is to buy him a lapdance, at least it might stop him talking for a while.

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