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The Top 10 Destinations For Stag Dos Abroad

Being the best man is one of the greatest honours a man can be given, it's a public acknowledgement of just what a great friend you've been. So do you just want to go through the motions, or do you want to be the BEST best man ever?

Stuck for ideas on how to do something truly special for your stag do? Here’s a few ideas from MyBreakTrip.

Here's a top tips for planning the stag do;

Book Early

Don’t be outdone by more organised best men. You don’t want to find you’ve left everything to late and all you’ve managed to book is a weekend at your Auntie’s caravan in Clacton (sorry Clacton, we love you, we’re just not in love with you).

Budget Wisely

Not everyone in the group will have the same sized pockets so make sure you don’t price anyone out. Using a service like MyBreakTrip can help you stretch your budget further and get more fun for your fivers. And to save you having to chase the guys for their share of the weekend, find a stag party site with individual online payments for all the stags to make life easier for everyone.

Spare the Bride’s Blushes

You don’t want to be the cause of the nearly-wed’s first marital barney before they’ve even said I do so don’t try to avoid booking anything that will land the groom a several weeks of sleeping on the couch.

Ask the Groom

He might already have ideas of where he wants to go and what he wants to do, it’s his party after all.

Dare to Be Different

There are so many amazing stag activities to choose from so ramp up the pre-party excitement by booking something none of the stags will have tried before. You could even make a few ticks on the guys bucket lists.

You can get more top planning tips and stag party help at

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