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Stag Pranks: Classic pranks every Best Man should consider for his Stags Party

So, you have been chosen as Best Man.

There are many reasons why the husband to be may have picked you. You may be childhood friends who have grown up together. You may have guided one another through all the best and worst times of your childhood and adult life. Or perhaps the groom doesn’t know you at all and has picked you out of duty to his fiancée or a lack of any real friends.

Whatever the reason, the job of Best Man is yours. And it's now your responsibility to organise this man’s last night of freedom.

Whilst the Stag should enjoy the majority of his stag party, there must be a small period of his stag do where he feels slightly uncomfortable, somewhat humiliated and wishing he had chosen "Fun Sponge" Steve from accounts to be his Best Man.

Unfortunately for your stag, playing a prank on him before he ties the knot is a necessary tradition and a punishment for caving in to his girlfriend's subtle (or sometimes very unsubtle) demands for a wedding.

With this in mind, we have gathered a collection of some classic ritual humiliation to impose on your lucky Stag.

Get your stag down to his Birthday Suit

This prank is the most classic of all the stag humiliation rituals. Most stags, no matter how ‘proper’ his friends are fear being stripped naked and tied to a lamppost for the public to laugh at. This prank is definitely a great one for short-term humiliation. However, if your stag is a Frank the Tank type character who revels in running around the streets with his berries on display, this might not be the prank for him.

Dress your Stag up in Something Stupid

When it comes to dressing up your stag on his night out, the sky is the limit.

Any outfit that he would prefer to cut his own right arm off than wear, is the outfit for him.

As his best man only you can know the outfit that will truly make him feel uncomfortable and humiliated.

If you want to get the whole stag party to get involved in the dress up – why not find out the thing your stag fears the most, whether it’s the dentist, flying, snakes or bananas. Hire these outfits out for the evening and parade around him all night in your chosen costume.

Make your Stag Drink Something Fowl

One of the less humiliating pranks for your stag, but still entertaining to watch none the less. Get your barmaid to mix together a delicious concoction of the booze that has been sitting on the back shelf untouched for years. Why not ask her to add some bits and bobs she found from the kitchen for extra flavour and texture – baked beans, chips & peas?

If you're feeling really mean, you could put something unpleasant or fowl tasting in his drink. You could add some hot sauce to his beer, or if you think he deserves a real treat – you could follow the trend sweeping Canada and make his own version of the SourToe Cocktail. This famous cocktail comprises of a beer glass filed with Champagne and a real pickled toe sitting floating in the glass. Yum!

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Set your Stag some Humiliating Challenges

Make a list of challenges that your stag must complete throughout your weekend or evening. As an incentive to complete these challenges, threaten him with punishment of any of the above options if he doesn’t manage to complete them successfully.

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There are some great stag challenges, and you can be sure that the other members of the stag party will have some great ideas to add to the mix. Our favourites include:

  • Making your stag convince another woman or man to swap an item of clothing with him.
  • Going to an open Karaoke bar and choosing the slowest most boring song on the list for your stag to sing along to.
  • Make the stag put all of his clothes on in the wrong order. Including his pants outside his trousers, his socks outside his shoes, his shirt outside his jacket, his t-shirt outside his hoodie (you get the point).

There's a good chance your Groom might try to get drunk to deal with the humiliation you force upon him. So, which ever stag prank you choose – make sure you get lots of photos and videos so you can constantly remind your stag of what a tool he looked. And remember, what goes on at the stag party stays with the stag party goes all over Facebook.

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